Why I Embraced Islam?

Written by: Hoda Team

Dr. Maurice Bucaille (19 July 1920 – 17 February 1998), French gastroenterologist and author of “The Bible, the Qur’an, and […]

An interview with Canadian Sunni Cleric Abdulahai

Written by: Hoda Team

Could you say a few words about yourself and your activities in Toronto? I was born in India but I […]

Interview with Brother Hassanain Rajabali

Written by: Dr. Emad Sheidaei

Hassanain Rajabali emigrated to the United States in 1975 from Tanzania and is now a popular Muslim lecturer among youths. […]

Today’s Teens: Reflections of a Muslim Teenager

Written by: Diba Shojaei

Many adults have realized a dramatic lifestyle changes among our teenagers. Having passed the past few years in high school, […]

Ashura Durability Codes in Contemporary Shi’a Community

Written by: Hadi Rezvani

Introduction Studying the Islamic and other religions’ histories, you can barely find a long lasting and influential event such as […]

The Muslim Narrative in Toronto

Written by: Sheren Kamaei

The Muslim story in Toronto is an underrepresented narrative of immigration and the development of a rich multicultural community. It […]

Dr. Legenhausen: How Islam Came To Me

Written by: Fateme Salehi

This lecture was given by Dr. Legenhausen at Imam Ali Centre, Toronto. He shares with everyone his journey to embracing […]

Not in My Name

Written by: Imam Ali Islamic Youth (IAIY)

Dispelling stereotypes and spreading peace movement Following the Paris terror attacks in November 2015 in which 130 lives were lost, […]

A Quick Chat With Chair of the Muslim Medical Association of Canada, Dr. Vajid Khan

Written by: Hoda Team

Dr. Vajid Khan is the current Chair of the Muslim Medical Association of Canada, and is a radiologist at St. […]

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